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Located in Northside Richmond, Va. , our scoop shop opened in November 2020.  Ruby Scoops is a local  creator of premium small batch ice creams, sorbets, sherbets, and desserts, all handcrafted and scratch made by Chef & Owner, Rabia Kamara and the Scoops Squad.

Ruby Scoops came to fruition October 2014, when Rabia noticed the increasing rarity of consistent high quality local desserts. She decided it was time to help change that, all the while beginning to take steps to work for herself. Ruby Scoops uses ingredients from local farms to bring you the finest, richest ice creams, sorbets, sherbets and baked goods.



Rabia Kamara has spent most of her years on this Earth in the kitchen. It all started when she was a toddler, and realized that by helping her parents in the kitchen, she could get fed first. Her passion for food quickly turned into a passion for baking the minute her mother placed a rolling pin in her hand at age five. By eight, she was reading cookbooks cover to cover. Growing up in the melting pot of Silver Spring encouraged her love for cuisines of many cultures.


Taking inspiration from greats like Dorie Greenspan and the famous Mrs. Fields-baking cookies, cupcakes, making ganaches, and tempering chocolates.  She continued to be affected by the baking and cooking bug through high school. Her passion saw a resurgence in college when she started feeding her friends, and realized just how much joy feeding others brought her. Rabia is a graduate of L' Academie de Cuisine and has been cooking professionally for over a decade. She has been featured in multiple publications, appeared on local and national television, and is a member of Les Dames des Escoffier. Rabia hopes to spend years to come contributing to the Richmond, Va hospitality scene for many years to come :) In 2021, Rabia won Food Network's Ben & Jerry's Clash of  the Cones.


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Ruby Scoops expected to open in Richmond this fall

By Tamica Jean-Charles Sep 23, 2020 

Rabia Kamara recalls drinking a sweet, sugary Colombian beverage as a 5-year-old in Silver Spring, Md. It wasn’t until she was at an international market over 25 years later that she came across the beverage again and fell in love with it anew.

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Ruby Scoops is a new ice cream shop in Richmond. Owner Rabia Kamara prides herself in running the only Black and queer owned ice cream shop in the city and looks forward to being able to create fond memories and close relationships with her customers and community. 

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Ruby Scoops, a Staple at D.C. Food Fests, Opens an Ice Cream Shop in Richmond

Founder Rabia Kamara is known for inventive flavor combinations like sweet corn and Old Bay caramel

by Stephanie Ganz  Dec 16, 2020


At First Scoop

This VCU alum is back in Richmond to leave a sweet mark on the city that changed her life

by Anika Mittu August 28, 2020

As Rabia “Ruby” Kamara explains why she loves Richmond, her voice begins to break. “If I never went to VCU, I would’ve never fallen in love with making ice cream,” she says.

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