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May Flavors


Chocolate Cadamom (Ca)  
Rosewater Vanilla

Ube Cookies & Cream (G)
Mango Key Lime Pie (G)
Miso Butterscotch (S)

Strawberry Red Bean (L)
Thai Tea (Ca)


Non - Dairy

Black Sesame Oreo (G, Se,V)
Strawberry Lychee Sorbet (V)
Matcha (Ca, V)
Mango Sorbet (V)
Passionfruit Sorbet (V)
Thai Basil (V, Co)

Allergen Key: (G = Gluten, Co = Coconut, V = Vegan, L = Legumes, S = Soy, Se = Sesame,
Ca = Caffeine)

* Flavors are subject to change.  Please refer to our Instagram or Facebook stories for daily flavors

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